Principle Investigator

Tyler Luchko


Associate Professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy

Group Members

Current Members

Tsogbayar Tsednee - Postdoctoral Scholar
Liquid state theory.
1D- and 3D-RISM development.
Michael Barton - graduate student
Absolute binding free energy calculations.
Dylan Daw - graduate student
Room temperature ionic liquids.
Steven Ayoub - undergraduate student
Constant pH calculations.
Tiannah York Van Elselande - undergraduate student
Relative binding free energy calculations.

Former Members

Lizet Casillas
Hydration free energy of small molecules.
Sifath Mannan
Constant pH calculations.
Garrett Limon
Numerical methods and performance enhancements for 3D-RISM.
Multipole description of solvation electrostatics.
Kevin Joyce
End-state binding free energy on large protein-ligand data sets.
Patrick McMillin
Supercooled water simulations.
End-state host-guest binding free energy calculations.
Jeffrey Lillibridge
End state host-guest binding free energy calculations.
Matthew Alegrete
Supercooled water simulations.
Jacob Kleine
End-state host-guest binding free energy calculations.